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Below, you can find our contact information. You will find that we are always readily available and our 24/7 customer support chat responds in less than one minute.

We are located at 142 Oastwood Lane, you can contact us with our email ( or call us. (1800-TicklePickle) Our P.O. box is 867, Eugene, Oregon 97440-0867 U.S.A.

Feel free to send us mail, because as millenials we have our own youtube channel in which we open your gifts, and if they are bad we throw them away secretly to avoid getting hate. Be sure to check out our other follow sections to add us on Instagram and Twitter! Doing so will come with amazing rewards! Follow us on Twitter to join a special giveaway to win $1,000. Follow us on Instagram and get one thirds of your money back. What are you waiting for? Follow us already!